Alpaca Work/Play Alpaca Glittens

Is it a glove? Is it a mitten? It’s the best of both! Our Alpaca Glittens offer the warmth of a mitten and the dexterity of Gloves, making them a perfect fit for hunting or any activity where you need quick access to your fingers. The mitt flap pulls back and attaches with a secure button, giving your digits free roam.

Harnessing the natural characteristics of U.S. Grown Alpaca fiber, our Glittens will keep you warm without the bulk, and are designed to hold up on any wilderness bound adventure. Alpaca fiber is also naturally moisture wicking, breathable,  and retains heat in both dry and wet conditions - making it a great insulator.

If the Fall and Winter weather tends to throw you for a loop rest assured, our Alpaca Glittens allow full warmth and coverage, and the ability to stretch your fingers when it’s time to get to work.

Contents: 80% U.S. Alpaca, 20% Nylon

Suggested Retail: $48.95

Sizes: Unisex: Small, Medium, Large   May run a little small... just a little... so if you're on the edge. 

"I typically wear a women's large but in these gloves the medium size fits me perfectly." - Paula

"Most" women would wear the Small.
"Most" men would wear the Large. 

Care: Hand wash in room temp water with gentle laundry soap (or better yet, mild hair shampoo) and air dry for longest life.

These unique glittens fit perfectly with our mission... to support the promotion of alpaca in many ways. We purchase alpaca products worldwide and consistently add new ones from artists, small farms, small businesses and more to our always growing and changing collection.

We are always seeking new interesting products, especially MADE IN THE USA products such as these. We wear ours frequently and love them! Try them and you will love them too!

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