Alpaca My Bag! Cute Alpaca Tote Bag

Ready to go?  Alpaca My Bag!

Cute Alpaca Tote Bag

  • THE SPECIFICS: This orange canvas tote measures 10.75" x 10.5" and is made of woven polyester. Strong enough to carry heavy items.  
  • MULTI-PURPOSE: This bag is just right the right size for your kids to carry their books when going to the library, for an overnight stay at the Grandparent's house, or for their precious little toys.
  • FUN DESIGN: Kids will love the alpaca design and it will lend itself to talking about farms, South America, and what kind of sound does an alpaca make.
  • GREAT GIFT: Give these as party favors on your kid's birthday. These bags also make excellent gifts for animal lovers!

Suggested Retail Price: $9.95

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