Vpac Alpaca Quilted Vest

FALL 2018 UPDATE: Please note the VPac project is behind currently on fulfilling orders. It's sometimes the struggle of a new startup, especially one with an educational component like this one.  The group is still ongoing and hoping to ramp up to speed but demand has been VERY high and as of right now we have no solid estimates for how long it will take for a new VPac vest order to be completed. Orders can still be placed, just please be aware of this current limitation.
Please stay tuned to this page or our newsletter where we will announce updates. 
Choice Alpaca Products is delighted to partner with Paca Performance Gear as the exclusive distributor of this new attractive and functional Alpaca product, the VPac Vest! 

  vpac alpaca quilted vest

A thick, cozy, comfortable, high quality and durable garment which shows the functional performance of Alpaca! Filled with 100% Alpaca "Cloud" Fiber!

About the VPac Vest and Team

The VPac name is a play on vicugna pacos, the scientific, Latin name for Alpaca.

Started in a popular ski area of Southern Vermont, the VPac is the brainchild of Dr. Jeb Gorham, Ph.D and his student team to produce a top quality USA made product for cold weather sports and life using quality materials which are sustainable and natural. 

Dr. Gorham and his team at Southern Vermont College have worked tirelessly for more than two years in R&D to develop their VPac product (patent application in progress). Dr. Gorham is the Director of Sustainable Ventures with the McCormick Division of Business.

His team is made up of faculty, student entrepreneurs and alumni who consistently "pitch" their concept on the national pitch competition circuit for entrepreneurial projects.

paca performance gear vpac alpaca vest elevator pitch competition

Backing up the VPac project were engineers, physics students, fiber manufacturing experts, fashion design professionals, a professional industrial seamstress and business development experts. It's quite an accomplished team!

What are VPac Alpaca Vests?

The VPac alpaca vests are filled with 100% alpaca cloud fiber. The process involves a blown-in fiber insulation technique developed over many months of testing. The resultant vests have been thoroughly thermal tested to be up to 10% warmer and 30% lighter than a comparable 650 down filled market brand jacket! In testing Alpaca Cloud Fiber has a fill value of 550 and is comparable to 650 down and synthetics. Take that Canada Goose, Patagonia, Rab, Moncler, North Face and Marmot! 

alpaca vest thermal testing of vpac vest

Thermal imaging testing has shown VPac alpaca fill holds in body warmth better then goose down or synthetic Primaloft fiber!

 alpaca vpac video sewing vests     

Key features of the Paca Performance Gear VPac Vest:

  • Sustainable eco-friendly 100% alpaca insulation
  • High performance Ripstop Nylon shell
  • 10% warmer and 30% lighter than more expensive vests on the market!
  • Designed, grown and manufactured in the USA!

VPac and the FiberCall

The VPac is made possible by alpaca farms like yours through the Choice Alpaca Products FiberCall program!

American Choice Alpaca FiberCall

The FiberCall program is a Choice Alpaca Products venture which purchases American grown alpaca fiber, paying in store credit for wholesale products on www.ChoiceAlpacaProducts.com.

A large and constantly growing collection of USA Alpaca Products are created to prove the luxury, fashion and usefulness of alpaca! Numerous American mills are contracted to directly receive the American grown alpaca for the large array of successful alpaca products offered at wholesale to alpaca farms and boutiques.

See the current American Choice Alpaca collection HERE

For production of the VPac vests, contributed "seconds" and "thirds" alpaca fiber is used. Prime ("1sts") fiber is not needed or used for this project (but Choice Alpaca buys it for other products). 

Eco-friendly, the VPac project purposely focuses on the less likely to be used cuts of alpaca fiber to enhance sustainability and lessen waste. Seconds and thirds combined work great in the Vpac!

The color of the fiber does not matter at all and are combined. A small american fiber mill processes (wash, pick, card and batt as needed) the fiber for use in the VPac. 

Materials: 100% alpaca fiber filled; Outer shell: 1.6 oz HyperD Diamond Ripstop Nylon; Inner shell 1.1 oz Ripstop Nylon. Zipper pull: metal alpaca figure

Weight: For Size Small: Alpaca Fill Weight: 4.25 oz;Total vest weight: 9.0 oz  

Care: A slightly damp cloth can be used to wipe the outer material. Otherwise dry clean.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL; Men Women and Child sizes. See Size Chart images

Women's numbered sizes:
6-8 small
10-12 medium
14-16 large
18 XL

The finished length for two sizes, for reference:
Women's M length 21 5/8 inches
Women's L length 22 5/8 inches

Men's M length 23 1/2 inches
Men's L length 26 3/4 inches

Color Options: The VPac is available in numerous color options. VPac vests have color options for a different contrasting inner color. Even the zippers are available in an assortment of color options! Note the Alpaca Zipper Pull used! 

vpac alpaca vest colors

Suggested Retail: $229

    How to Order VPac Vests

    Available now for ordering. Gets yours first!

    This is a totally new product now in production. We anticipate an order-to-delivery time of 6-8 weeks and will strive to keep that schedule. 


    NOTE: To order VPacs, select the desired options below.

    Wholesale Volume Discounts Available!

    Use one of these volume Discount Codes depending on quantity purchased:

    • 5% off 5 or more, any combination, use Discount VPAC5 (adult 
    • 10% off 10 or more, any combination, use Discount VPAC10


    Vpacs are made to order but we have a very small set of these in stock.

    We hope to expand on this list but at present the startup project is just trying to keep up with orders :)

    Here is the current list:

    Qty 1:

    Vpac Alpaca Quilted Vest
    Mens / X-Large
    Outside charcoal grey
    Inside charcoal grey
    zipper grey

    If you order the item(s) above we can ship those immediately. 

    ** Please login to your wholesale business account to order. **

    Our inventory currently shows the following quantities in stock for this product:

    • Mens / Small : 92
    • Mens / Medium : 84
    • Mens / Large : 73
    • Mens / X-Large : 85
    • Childs / Child Size 4 : 99
    • Childs / Child Size 6 : 99
    • Childs / Child Size 8 : 99
    • Childs / Child Size 10 : 99
    • Childs / Child Size 12 : 96
    • Womens / Small : 84
    • Womens / Medium : 76
    • Womens / Large : 86
    • Womens / X-Large : 88

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