Hand-made Alpaca Figure Goat Milk Soap

Clean and fresh line of hand-made goat milk soaps which lather well and smell fantastic! Add a set of these unique products to your store and create a following back to your farm. 

Alpaca Soap choices:

Lavender & Sage

Clean, fresh lavender with herbaceous accords of sage, thyme and rosemary softened with light powdery undertones. This a classic clean and herbal soap.

Rosemary Mint

Our Rosemary Mint soap is pure herbaceous awesomeness! This is the fragrance you want when you want something fresh and green and relaxing and not too trite. It is an earthy, grounding soap.

Oatmeal Milk & Honey

Everyone loves this soap, not only does it smell great but it is so nourishing for your skin. We added lots of creamy goat milk, honey and fine ground oats to moisturize restore your skin. 


This refreshing soap smells crisp and cold, like a jade stone. Top notes of bright lemon, grapefruit and English ivy are followed by a heart of jasmine, green apple and neroli. A subtle base of musk, vanilla and fern moss soften this striking soap.

Hazelnut Toffee

This warm and toasty soap smells delightful. Roasted warm hazelnuts meld beautifully with the sultry notes of Madagascar vanilla and supporting notes of marshmallow fluff, butterscotch taffy, caramel, and a touch of golden walnut butter and shea nut round out this soap.

Orange Spice

This is a wonderful warm smelling soap. We use an orange essential oil and blend it with spices of cinnamon and clove. 

Weight: 4oz Size: 3.5" x 2.5"

Suggested Retail: $11.95

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