Marketing Posters for Socks - Free with 24 pair order

When you succeed we succeed!

To help in that goal we offer a number of marketing ideas and incentives.

Our Preferred Retail Map is heavily marketed on the web, driving customers to you.

We also provide a wealth of ideas, content and imagery which you are free to use to advertise our products:

See our BLOG for alpaca product marketing ideas

This BLOG provides links to imagery you are welcome to employ to market Choice Alpaca Products:

This image, about the Superwarm socks is also freely available as a table top 8.5 x 11" stand up poster (cardboard backing with easel stand) that you can put on a table with the socks:

And there is also one for the OutdoorAdventure and SlipperBootie socks:

Either or both of those can be freely added to your cart as long as the order is for 24 or more pairs.  Or you can just print them yourself if you like. 

There are a number of other items available at the link:

We add items to this collection regularly so WELCOME your ideas for new promotion items.

We encourage you to visit us on our Social Media pages and help promote alpaca!


Thank you for your business and for promoting alpaca! 

 Please only order 1 free poster for each style of socks you are purchasing. 

** Please login to your wholesale business account to order. **

Our inventory currently shows the following quantities in stock for this product:

  • Superwarm Poster 1 : 937
  • Superwarm Poster 2 : 973
  • OutdoorAdventure and SlipperBooties Poster : 967

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