Fuzzy Fun Alpaca Themed Socks Coming! May 05 2016

Sometimes a great product comes out of the blue. 

We spend an amazing amount of time dreaming about, searching for, designing, planning, correcting and managing new alpaca products. We're always on the lookout for the next cute, luxurious, special, unique or functional alpaca product. Over the years we've made quite a few, from the simple to the complex. It takes a lot of time but it's fun and a passion (or obsession)!

Our Mission: Promote alpaca with wonderful alpaca products. 

But in the case of these Fuzzy Fun Alpaca Themed Socks, they just sort of fell in our lap! Well, not exactly... we spent months working with a number of different manufacturers, looking for the right item. Then out of nowhere one came up with this sock. It's adorable!  And we didn't even think of the extra idea!... The absolute best part is the cute, fuzzy, embossed alpacas on the socks. They feel really soft and are just too cute! They say "touch me" in a big way! 

Showing off the socks to our large group of alpaca "fans", even before the first shipment of 1000s have arrived has proven the attractiveness of the item... 


"Oh, they're just too cute!"

"When can I get some!?"

"Will you have them at the next show?!"

fuzzy fun alpaca socks fuzzy fun alpaca socks closeup

The socks are coming in right now for shipment next week. We hope you will get some and spread the joy and love of alpacas with these special socks!