Whimsical Alpaca Ornaments a Huge Hit at Farm Stores October 22 2015

With oodles of charm, our new Whimsical Alpaca Line of ornaments and gifts are a big hit in Alpaca Farm Stores!  

Surprisingly popular, we're having a hard time keeping them in stock. Each one is hand crafted from plated nickel, copper and brass. 

The MOST popular is the Whimsical Alpaca Ornament. It brings its own star power to your glittering tree or any space needing a beautiful alpaca presence

  • Place them on your Christmas tree
  • Put them in a window
  • Hang them from your rear view mirror!
  • Show off your alpaca love, make a necklace

This is the perfect ornament for the alpaca lover. Capture the warmth and fun of the holiday season. It's the perfect alpaca loving family heirloom! 

See them at wholesale at www.ChoiceAlpacaProducts.com