Brand New and Restocked Items for Your Alpaca Store! November 18 2016

Brand New and Restocked Items
for Your Alpaca Store!
new alpaca store products
Have a Successful Fall Sales Season
with ChoiceAlpaca:

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New Design!
USA Grown and Knit Alpaca Lined 
Soft Cowhide Leather Work Gloves 
A Huge Hit at the Showtacular Alpaca Show!

$29 wholesale
Limited number available
New Item!
Standard Fit 
Iditarod "Superwarmth"
Alpaca Knit Hat
iditarod alpaca heavy knit lined hat
Comfort fleece lined double-thick
100% alpaca knit hat - designed to be very warm!
Stay very fashionably warm with this new
ChoiceAlpaca exclusive design
New 100% Alpaca Fashion Glittens
Brand New Product - Just In! 
100% alpaca glittens gloves
A custom ChoiceAlpaca design
Took a few years but they are now in stock!
Black only for this initial batch 
Popular Work/Play Gloves
Back in Stock!
alpaca work play gloves
New Super-Popular Queen Size Bed Blankets 
are back in!
Many Solid and Striped Options 

We have an abundance of
top selling socks for your store in stock! 

alpaca socks
Classic, Dress, Fun, Knee-Hi, Ankle Height,
Heavy Weight and Superheavy Weight selections.

Alpaca Watching T-shirt
Back in Stock!
alpaca t-shirt
Alpacas watch you too!

Sure to get looks and start conversations wherever you go!  
High quality 100% cotton. Professionally made in the USA.
PacaPoo is Back! 
Always a fun gift, these chocolate covered peanuts
are a seasonal favorite!

Order Now - Some Products Will Sell Out
NEW - Alpaca Nativity Scene
alpaca nativity scene
We will have a very limited number of these this year. 
Get this unique touching hand made item while they last.


Many other popular items will also likely sell out later this year, including:
alpaca socks
The Original Superwarm Alpaca Sock
Made in the USA 
alpaca socks 
OutdoorAdventure Socks
Made in the USA 

PacaBuddies - Going Fast
Whimsical Ornaments and NEW Jewelry

The last EVER of the Pendleton
100% (not blended) Alpaca Throws and Scarves from 
the Alpaca Blanket Project are here.
Get this piece of alpaca Americana while you still can.
alpaca socks alpaca socks alpaca socks 
Khee-Hi Socks
alpaca socks  alpaca socks
Field Hikers
alpaca scarves  alpaca scarves
alpaca throws
100% Baby Alpaca Luxury Scarves and Throws

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4. No-problem returns until April of Next year!

Many New and Popular Products for
Your Store 
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