Having a Successful National Alpaca Farm Day September 02 2016


Having a Successful National Alpaca Farm Day
Sept 24-25,2016 
In this issue...
Tips for a successful Farm Day
* Top suggestions for Farm Day sales 

National Alpaca Farm Days video
Did You See National Alpaca Farm Days Video?
It's brilliant!
Congratulations to the Alpaca Owners Association (AOA) on a great ad!

National Alpaca Farm Days is Saturday, Sunday, September 24-25, 2016
NAFD is an excellent opportunity to show off your farm to the public. It's also an ideal time to get visits from those prospects who have been thinking about alpacas and would like to learn more, get a feel for the lifestyle and see if they want to proceed with getting into alpacas!

What does it take to have a successfull farm day?
We have been in alpacas as farmers, shearers, retailers and wholesalers since 2001. On our farm and in chatting with my many other farms over the years we've dicovered there are just a few, but very key components to a success farm day. 

1. People have to know about it!
Make sure your on every list possible. The best bang is to be listed on your local community events calendar. Your local alpaca association is hopefully encouraging members to post flyers all over, in the paper, perhaps radio or even TV. We have repeatedly been told that our Preferred Retailers Map continues to drive prospects to member farms. We promote that list online and to a 30,000 member mailing list of alpaca lovers to encourage visits to member farms.

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If you have a list of propects, they surely should get a personal invitation.  You might even draft some of the more established prospects to "volunteer" to help! 
2. Your selling the lifestyle as much as the alpacas.
Your farm should look idyllic. Clean, pretty, happy and workable.
Your prospects want to live the lifestyle and that lifestyle is beautiful, peaceful, simple and easy to understand.


We once had a guy who quietly stood in the pasture for 90 minutes during a crazy-busy 300+ visitor open house. When I finally got to talk to him he said. "It's just so beautiful here. The alpacas are so warm to just watch." Yeah, he gets it! :) 
3. Your prospects want to see the value.
This is where the products come in. For us, we immediately offered products when we started our first farm.  Though alpacas have tremendous value to the heart and soul, its SMART to show off the fantastic products which come from alpaca fiber!
For normal farm visits, the last stop should always be the products store, room, closet, chest or table. There is a thriving alpaca products market that continues to expand! The industry is HEALTHY and USA markets continue to grow in sales (even in this market!) of both imported and AMERICAN grown alpaca fiber!
That final stop at the products area is also the great way to wrap up a visit while earning farm income from thankful visitors who now LOVE alpacas and want to wear it, show it off and remember their wonderful day.
You owe it to them to have a selection of items!  
One last thought... many of your visitors will keep you in mind for Christmas season sales. Make that EASY for them but having flyers and getting them on a mailing list. Perhaps offer a fun prize drawing as this frequently gets many more people to sign up. 
Do you have any great experiences or tips which could help your fellow alpaca breeder with their Farm Day?  

Please help by sharing your ideas and stories on our Farm Day BLOG:
Have a Great Farm Day!

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Top Suggestions for Farm Day Sales
We've been at this for a while and talk with many alpaca stores about what works, what doesn't and which products are the best for open farm events.
With every product we make or find the first thought is always, "Will this do well in farm stores?"
Below are our Top Ten Suggestions for your successful Farm Day sales. 
Top Selling American Made Alpaca Socks
Superwarm, OutdoorAdventure and SlipperBootie Alpaca Socks since 2006.
A fantastic representative of the special characteristics of alpaca! 
 made in the usa alpaca socks usa made alpaca socks outdoor adventure grey usa made alpaca socks outdoor adventure cocoa alpaca socks made in USA Outdoor Adventure black slipper booties alpaca socks made in usa Made in the USA alpaca products alpaca store marketing material
New Adventure Required Alpaca Hats
Adventure Required - Cousteau Alpaca Hat
Fashionable and functional, these hat come with a great story of how just one woman is making a difference in the lives of families in a remote village in Peru. There are 6 "Explorer" styles and many colors to choose from. 

Cute Cotton "Alpaca Love" Ankle Socks
alpaca love ankle socks alpaca love ankle socks grey Fuzzy fun alpaca socks
Though cotton, these alpaca themed socks have been a huge hit! They offer a low price point, are something visitors can wear right away, and are cute as... an alpaca!
PacaBuddies Plush Toys are the Perfect Souvenir!
These cute guys are one of our TOP sellers! They make an excellent farm visit souvenir and keep alpacas in the minds of your visitors for a long time to come.

Our personal PacaBuddies are great adventurers and their travels are freqeuntly seen on our Facebook Page.

New additions: Snowflake, Coco and Slate. 
16 different varieties in stock! 

PacaBuddies plush alpaca toys PacaBuddies alpaca toys plush
"These work great with farm visitors.", Jill, PA     
"Oh, my customers will love 'em", Bonnie, NY
"I can't wait until you get more in!", Judy, MI 
Many PacaBuddies plush toys to chose from.  
Very popular! Watch them fly out of your store!
Adorable Alpaca Ornaments and Charms
wooden alpaca ornaments
These sold out very quickly last year!
Look on our cart. We offer a number of other charms which will work very well during Farm Day.
Just in! We've added to our Whimsical Alpaca line... these cute Whimsical Alpaca Necklace and Earring Charms!
Sold together or separately, these new charms should be a huge hit for the alpaca fans who visit your farm! 
Popular Alpaca Felt Shoe Inserts(insoles)
Alpaca shoe inserts insoles alpaca insoles

Made by American alpaca farms from American alpaca fiber, the Choice Alpaca Inserts feature a patented layered construction for durability, comfort, moisture wicking and of course WARMTH. A stack of these at your Farm Day event will quickly "walk away". Leave our a pair of scissors so your visitors can size them right on the spot!
Alpaca Plush Cushion - Little Odd Forest
Our new Handmade Little Odd Forest Alpaca Plush toys make an excellent alpaca lover gift. Two sizes of cushion plushes and even a pin brooch! 
Alpaca Work/Play Alpaca Gloves
The American grown and made Alpaca Work/Play gloves and mittens are a big hit already! A simply elegant and functional product that shows off the amazing properties of alpaca!
Alpaca Blanket Project - SIUSLAW Blanket Throw

Alpaca Blanket Project Throws and Scarves!
Nothing shows off the vibrant American Alpaca Industry better than these beautiful 100% Alpaca Throws and Scarves from the Alpaca Blanket Project.
YES, we bought out the 100% Alpaca products when we heard the mill was switching to an 80/20% (w/ Wool) blend!

We have a number of styles to choose from. 

Put one of these on a table and let people see and feel and watch their eyes light up!
Jeremy Alpaca Scarf
The LUX line of products are high fashion, Western market oriented scarves and throws in professional commercial packaging. Selling in high end stores for 2x or 3x more expensive then YOU can now offer them, these items look and feel fantastic! 
You should expect good sales of these during Farm Days and many customers coming back for them as the Christmas shopping season starts.

We have many more products online. All are designed for alpaca farm sales. Your specific farm day plans may find other items we offer to be a good fit.
Please take a look at our Full Collection for your special mix.

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The $100 prize contest encourages "promoting alpaca" on social media to bring visitors to your alpaca farm. We anticipate a 50,000 person campaign reach for NAFD weekend! 
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  1. Tips to a successful farm day
  2. Top suggestions for farm day product sales
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