Alpaca Watching and Moving Special October 03 2016


Alpaca Watching
and Moving Special
moving alpaca store
We're Moving - Clearance Special 
After at least a year of searching... 
we found a new location!! 
- Just 30 minutes away 
- 3x the warehouse space
- Room to grow!

Moving Schedule
The warehouse will temporarily pause shipping for two weeks.
All shipping will:
Pause starting Wednesday, October 12th and 
Resume on Wednesday, October 26th
(or so that is the plan!)
alpaca your stuff

But there's TONS of ALPACA to move! 

alpaca socks
The timing is NOT ideal as the warehouse
has never been more full!

We're up to our necks
in alpaca socks and other products! 
Help us clear out some products now
and get the *just in*

Alpaca Watching T-shirt Free!*
alpaca t-shirt
Alpacas watch you too!

Sure to get looks and start conversations wherever you go!  
This high quality 100% cotton t-shirt is professionally made.
Check below for free t-shirt details. 

One-Page Quick Ordering Cheered!
It's a success! The new simple Quick Order page. 

"Oh, the new 1-page ordering really helps!"
"I ordered so much quicker with this new feature, love it!"
"Thanks so much for the new ordering tool thingy!"
Quickly add items to the cart for easy ordering.
one page ordering alpaca

Order Sooner - Don't Get Left Out!
We have a large inventory of products in stock right now but
some products WILL sell out!

alpaca long johns sitting model alpaca-longjohns-standing
We're pretty sure these 
comfortable and "cute" alpaca long johns will sell out. 
Wholesale, just $70 

Many other popular items will also likely sell out later this year, including:
alpaca socks
alpaca socks 
Superwarm and OutdoorAdventure Socks
Whimsical Ornaments and NEW Jewelry

The last EVER of the
100% (not blended) Alpaca Throws and Scarves from 
the Alpaca Blanket Project are here
alpaca socks alpaca socks alpaca socks 
Khee-Hi Socks
alpaca socks  alpaca socks
Field Hikers
alpaca scarves  alpaca scarves
alpaca throws
100% Baby Alpaca Luxury Scarves and Throws
and likely some other items!
We try to stock well but items do sell out.
Most won't be back in stock until next year.  

Don't miss out on potential farm store sales!

* "Go large" with your order ($750+)
and receive:

1. Free Shipping

2. "Financing" (6-monthly payments option, see details

3. Listing on Search Engine Friendly Retailers Map
4. A Free Alpaca Watching T-Shirt! **
alpaca t-shirt
5. No-problem returns until April of Next year!
** For the free shirt with your $750+ order,
please use Discount Code during checkout:

Want 2 Free shirts?  Order 2x $750. Want 3? ...

Make sure to tell us the SIZE(S) wanted in the Checkout Comments.

Please have orders in ASAP.
We "pause" on shipping on Wednesday, October 12th


alpaca fiber call
Want to help promote alpaca?

Do you have alpaca fiber to sell?

Get paid immediately for contributed alpaca fiber!
We use USA raised alpaca fiber for a growing number of projects like hats, gloves, scarves, yarn, insoles and more.
With your involvement this effort continues to grow.
We make it easy and $profitable to help promote alpaca.

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