New Alpaca Store Products Just Arrived! August 01 2016


New Alpaca Store Products Just Arrived! 
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Just Arrived! 
alpaca plush toy
Cute new Little Odd Forrest Hand Made Plushes



NEW Wholesale Item

Extreme Weather Iditarod 100% Alpaca Hat
Now We are pleased to offer this uniquely designed extreme weather 100% Baby Alpaca extreme weather hat.
Designed for extreme cold weather the Iditarod Alpaca Beanie Hat features a doubly thick tightly knit layer of 100% baby alpaca and an extra layer of solid fleece comfort lining.
        Iditarod 100% Alpaca Beanie Hat  Iditarod 100% Alpaca Beanie Hat

Currently available in Black, Camel, Beige and SilverGrey, the Iditarod hat will be made in colors to match our popular Superwarm and OutdoorAdventure extreme weather alpaca socks (Black, Cocoa, Grey).
slipperbootie alpaca socks   
We're also working on matching heavyweight Glittens and Scarves.


No More Minimums! 
We heard you!
We have dropped the minimum items requirements on all orders!**
(** Wholesale orders are only for established retailers. )

* Buy 1 or more of any item, no minimum.
* Test/Try out any single item.
* Any items can be returned until next april!
Still, we encourage you to "Go Large" with our early order incentives:
* Have product available when you need it.
* SEO marketing on our Retailers Map - it Works!
* 6-month "Financing" on your $750+ order.
* Discounts for larger orders.
* No-hassle returns on any items, until next april.

 Many stores are already doing it. 

We want to grow with you!
Multiple retailers have asked about a financing program that would allow a large purchase ($750+) to be spread over time
This program is only available to existing customers making at least 1 prior purchase (aka, "credit established"). 
The "financing" is super simple: 6 even automated monthly charges against a credit card on file. There is a small $30 fee to setup the financing arrangement, but this is more then offset by free shipping.
Just click the
Custom Payment Method After Order Placed
option online with your online order. Please leave a note in the comments while checking out. We will follow up afterwards to request the 1st installment. Subsequent installments occur on the 10th of each month.
 Contact Brian with any questions. 
"Go Large" with your next order!
* Get free shipping ($750+ orders)
* Be listed on our SEO marketed retailers map!
* No hassle returns for anything that doesn't sell!
  1. Guaranteed delivery of popular alpaca products
  2. 6-month financing available
  3. Free shipping on orders $750+ (discounted international shipping too)
  4. Free marketing on our Alpaca Retailers Map
  5. No hassle returns if anything doesn't sell!
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