New Fun Alpaca Lover Hand Made Plushes June 30 2016

Adorably Cute Alpaca Plushes!

alpaca plush hand made

alpaca plush

alpaca plush closeup

alpaca plush brown

alpaca plush brooch

We found a new products for alpaca lovers that we just love! These alpaca plushes are hand made by Lynda who lived and went to collage in Chicago for accounting but decided making lovely cute products was her calling (she now lives in Singapore). We have signed on to be her “Exclusive North American ALPACA Distributor” so we could buy these in bulk (such as it is) and offer them affordably to farm stores. 

Being individually hand made, they're a bit pricey and the quantity will be limited, but the quality and cuteness is amazing so we thing they'll be a big hit in farm stores after an alpaca visit! 

3" Pin Brooch $9 wholesale each


10" Mini Plush $14 wholesale each


17" Larger Plush $20 wholesale each


Supply will be very limited. Lynda cannot make them quickly so we expect to get only two smallish orders in this fall, the first one at the end of July (for only 16 of each). 

What do you think of this new item?  Let us know if you'd like to get some!


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