Alpaca Leggings - Why I love them! July 26 2018

Have you started shopping for products for your store this fall? I thought I'd start sharing some of my favorite products, why I love them and why you need to carry them in your store.

Alpaca Leggings! I love, Love, LOVE my alpaca leggings. Something most of you don't know about me. I grew up in Pacific Beach. A little community in San Diego about 6 blocks from the beach. I like to say my comfort range is 72 degrees. Anything over 72 is too hot anything under 72 is too cold. Imagine how I feel when we go to Alpaca Shows in the middle of winter where we usually get a booth by a door and it's freezing out and all of the stall fans are pointed at me. I used to freeze! It was quite uncomfortable. BUT I know where to get the best alpaca products. 

I started wearing these alpaca leggings under my jeans and I am so comfy and cozy warm at shows now. I can't say enough wonderful things about these leggings.

We also ALWAYS sell out when we go to shows, so I know this product will sell well for your store. When we went to Alpaca Nationals in Illinois we actually had a customer beg to buy the leggings off the mannequin when we sold out.

Let me know if you have any questions about this or any of our other products.

~ Paula

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