Streams of Income for Alpaca Farms

Streams of Income for Alpaca Farms

Creative alpaca farmers have come up with many ways to leverage their unique farms for the public, providing a valuable experience while providing new streams of income to support their alpaca lifestyle.

We list and detail many of them here. The list will never be done.
Please send your ideas (and fun images!) to add to the growing list. 

  • Scout tours and Scout badge workshops
  • School class tours
  • Disabled group tours
  • Elderly bus tours
  • Local agri-tourists in your area
  • FFA, 4H
  • Indian Princesses
  • Home School groups
  • Birthday parties or weddings with alpacas
    • at your farm, or dress up two alpacas and take to venue (include a Bride and Groom Alpacadorable in your fee for weddings)
  • Private Corporate Parties - cheap for them, lucrative for you
  • High Tea with alpacas
  • Wine with alpacas, partner with local winery
  • Learn and Lunch with alpacas
  • Dinner with alpacas is very popular, possibly use local chef
  • Picnic with alpacas - BYO or catered
  • "Picnic Fancy" is now a thing
  • Tent camping with alpacas
  • Harvest Host - blankets, throws and warm socks are a hit
  • Alpaca yoga
  • Alpaca walks
  • Partner for Alpacas and Art at your farm
  • Open Farm Days - National, monthly, seasonal
  • Craft fairs hosted on your farm
    • host spinning circles, weavers, fiber dying, etc
  • BnB Tiny Home / Granny Flat
  • Host local events,
    • music, Christmas market, Farmers market
    • sell spots to other vendors on your farm
  • Holiday Events
    • Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, Christmas 

 What to do:

  • Select a price and add-ons
    • Base price could include a patch, lollipop, PacaBuddie toy
  • A Menu of options: $ for craft, snack, feed, take home gift
  • Get visitors on guest book. Allow them to write comments of experience. Get email for your list. Give flyer for future event. Be aware of alpaca purchase prospects for future invites.
  • All visits include a tour of your gift shop! 


  • Facebook local groups
  • Local farm stores
  • Free/cheap area publications - what to do locally
  • Free online local events pages
  • Emailing your growing farm friends list
  • Instagram, tiktok, facebook videos - even simple ones loved
  • Girl and Boy Scout local groups
  • Local service clubs: Elks, Lions, Rotary, Moose, Masons, etc
  • Local church, etc groups looking for day events
  • Any local tour organization or company to your area