Alpaca Quilted Vest Big Hit at Alpaca Nationals April 04 2018

The new VPac Alpaca Quilted Vest drew tons of attention at the 2018 Alpaca Nationals in Peoria, IL in March 2018. 

Alpaca vest quilted Paca Gear

Also known as a Puff Vest, Puffer Vest or even Puffy vest, the VPac is a comfortable, functional and stylish mainstay for your wardrobe.

Paca Performance Gear V-Pac quilted vest ad

The VPac is a new idea for using alpaca. The vests are filled with a "Cloud" alpaca fiber which has thermally tested to be up to 10% warmer than Goose down or artificial synthetic solutions.

alpaca vest thermal testing of vpac vest

Alpaca is great for the environment with a very low relative carbon footprint.

Alpacas eat less than most livestock, have soft padded feet for gently walking on the Earth, and even they other bio-product ("Poo") is pH balanced, making an excellent natural fertilizer!  Best of all, alpacas get a "haircut" once a year for their exquisitely fashionable, warm fiber. No alpacas are harmed to make the VPac!

vpac vest open

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