Looking for a replacement for the Co-ops Extreme sock? May 30 2017

Looking for a replacement for the Co-ops Extreme sock? 
We have GREAT options for you!!  The Superwarm Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks and  OutdoorAdventure Alpaca Socks have been selling well for farm stores since 2006.
We are proud to offer these popular Superwarm Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks from Choice Alpaca Products. 
Made from alpaca wool, these extremely warm thermal alpaca socks are surprisingly soft and comfortable. The socks are designed to last and last. Perhaps best of all, unlike most other heavy wool socks or alpaca socks, they were created to be Machine Washable/Dryable!
The socks "breathe" by design, allowing air to act as an insulator to keep your feet warm, dry and odor free. Some have tested the odor resistance to the extreme and have be amazed at the results!
Superwarm Alpaca Socks:
The Superwarm™ alpaca socks are the ultimate in comfortable alpaca warmth for the feet! Designed to be the warmest, most comfortable heavy alpaca socks available! Perfect for outdoor sports like skiing, snowmobiling, hunting, hiking, winter fishing, winter camping, etc.
These are really warm alpaca socks!
These warm alpaca socks also a great choice for poor circulation and cold feet in general. The added terry cushioning not only keeps cold feet warm, it allows them to breath so your feet do not get sweaty/clamy, and they provide good foot cushioning.
50% heavier than the nearest competitor.
The Superwarm Extreme Alpaca Socks are warm even when wet!
OutdoorAdventure Alpaca Socks:
The OutdoorAdventureTM socks are fitted in the middle and upper and have reinforced heals and toes. They fit calf high or over the calf (knee-hi) with a comfortable not restrictive fit. Perfect alpaca solution to cold weather active fun.
More About These Alpaca Socks:
We have been selling alpaca products since 2002 and learned that a super warm, soft, strong, comfortable and MACHINE WASHABLE alpaca sock has been the most frequent customer requested item. Our socks are a blend of excellent quality alpaca (50%), nylon and acrylic to offer the best of warmth, durability, wash-ability and comfort. Why not more alpaca? Frankly, our tests show that alpaca is so powerful that only about 30% is needed for the warmth and softness we seek. More than 50% alpaca will tend to make the socks not only significantly more expensive, it makes them a little less wear resistant. Years of testing have resulted in the Choice Alpaca blend that feels great, machine washes and lasts over time.
Made in the U.S.A. by a 100 yr old USA sock mill, Choice Alpaca Socks are the perfect "Alpaca Ambassodors" of what the American alpaca industry is all about. Soft, comfortable, luxurious and very toasty warm, these breathable terry socks are as unique as... well, alpacas! Made from top quality alpaca yarn blend.
Get these Super-popular unique alpaca socks for your store.
We are so confident in our products we offer our return promise:
You can return any unsold items until April next year!
Still our MOST popular products, you owe it to yourself and your customers to give these socks a try in your store!
We purchased ALL of the remaining Co-op inventory 
Choice Alpaca Products (www.ChoiceAlpacaProducts.com) has always been inspired to support the American Alpaca Industry since its beginning (2006) and does so in many different ways. In the Spring of 2017 the small family company purchased ALL remaining inventory in numerous categories from the America Fiber Co-op of North American (AFCNA). The bulk purchase of classic lines and materials includes:
Alpaca Hiker socks
Qtr Alpaca Hiker socks
Alpaca Dress Sock socks
American grown alpaca processed fiber, 
to be spun and knit into their new "American Hunter" socks
Pallets of baled "3rds" fiber, destined for alpaca shoe insoles and dryer balls
Choice Alpaca Products has also purchased the right to www.AmericasAlpaca.com itself as it believes in the core mission of the organization of will continue to support the industry in a way that is both profitable for the company and helpful to the industry as a whole. 

Choice Alpaca Products has also recently received ALL remaining inventory of
100% ALPACA Blanket Throws and Scarves from
The Alpaca Blanket Project (ABP)!
Choice Alpaca Products Alpaca Blanket Project 
Large volume purchase means lower prices
for these American Made high quality items.
Get a true piece of Alpaca Americana while you still can!
These too are available at DEEP discounts, for cases of 16 blankets.
Offer available only while bulk supply lasts.
We buy alpaca fiber!
It's easy!
With the Choice Alpaca FiberCall program,
get paid quickly for contributed alpaca fiber in popular
 wholesale alpaca products for you or your store.

We love making NEW Alpaca products and
do so frequently.
What would you like to see? 
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