Choice Alpaca Buys Fiber April 05 2021

The FiberCall is CLOSED for the 2022 season as of 7/15/2022. We're "full up" and cannot take more fiber. 

Thanks to all who contributed alpaca fiber for MADE IN THE USA items like *these*.

See you in 2023 in June!




We need 1sts, 2nds and 3rds alpaca fiber.

choice alpaca buys fiber

Looking to sell alpaca fiber?

Do you have alpaca fiber to sell?

We purchase fiber by issuing wholesale
product credit to alpaca farms who purchase then resell our alpaca products to the public. 

We buy alpaca fiber for a number of projects like blankets, felt inserts, felt products, socks, accessories, yarn, etc. We work with a number of USA mills to make products for the Made in the USA line. 

Get value for your alpaca fiber while promoting American Alpaca Farms! 

alpaca made in the usa  choice alpaca buys fiber usa

We pre-pay for shipping*! No upfront costs to you.
(costs deducted from final payment)

How does the Alpaca FiberCall work? 

READ: please carefully read the simple process. The instructions should tell you everything you need to know. 

  • Steps:

    1. Make sure you have a customer account. You may receive our newsletter emails without having an actual store account. Use the Create Account link to quickly make one. Your store account is how we issue your fiber contribution wholesale store credit. No purchase necessary to make the account but feel free to buy some wholesale products :)

      Note: you must be an alpaca farm or retail business who resells products to the public to have an account with us and use the FiberCall service. 

    2. Collect Your Fiber:  
      All fiber (Suri and Huacaya) can be used, but not the really wiry belly, lower leg fiber or short 2nd cuts (< 1") stuff. All fiber needs to be free of vegetative matter, matting, mildew, MOTHS, mold, "Poo" or excessive staining.  Note: Some of the mills we work with do not want you to "Tumble" your fleeces as it can bind the fiber, making it unusable.

      Let the mill sorters decide on the sort. Please keep 1sts, 2nds and 3rds in their own bags. Different colors also in their own separate bags. Numerous bags can go in the same shipping box with one form describing the total contents.  Multiple smaller bags can be put intact into larger ones then into shipping boxes.

      Though not totally necessary it saves us time in making labels if your boxes are the same size as we can "batch" in the information faster :)

      One form per box. Fill out one of these forms and put in each box. Available as PDF or WORD doc

      It is important to put your actual name (not farm name) as the Tracking Name, to receive credit. Please don't change any already filled in entries on our form template.

      If you are putting multiple bags in the same box, label all the bags by weight and grade of fiber for the sorters to understand contents.

    3. Let us know what you have when you are ready to ship: Send an email (no need to call) to with the approximate number of pounds per grade of fiber (1sts, 2nds, 3rds) that you plan to send.

    4. For each box provide us the dimensions and weight, for shipping labelsWe need your address for the "FROM:" part of the shipping label.

      ** Due to some prior issues with account management in previous years we now only accept 1 shipment/year per farm. Otherwise it can get really confusing. Please have your entire fiber contribution ready to send for the year. 

    5. No upfront shipping costs! We pre-pay to ship your fiber!: We will provide mailing label(s) (.PDF) per box that you can print and tape to the box(es). The boxes then go to one of the mills we use to create USA alpaca products. 


      Using our provided labels you will mail your fiber straight to a mill.  *We pay shipping costs with the understanding that those costs will be deducted from the amount paid for usable fiber. 

    6. You have no up-front costs, but note that you should still be motivated not to send junk fiber that isn’t usable, stick, stones, dirt or anything which makes shipping cost more and frustrates the sorters. Shipping only good usable fiber will get you the best payment when the fiber is brought into the mills.

    7. There is a concept of "Dimensional Weight" used by shippers. This idea can help you find the best boxes to use for your fiber. With light alpaca fiber, the cost to ship is more the size than the weight of the box. PACK your fiber as densely as possible. 

      THIS CALCULATOR will give you a feel for the right boxes to use based on how much weight is in the box versus the minimal shipping Dimensional Weight charge. Generally, we find 17 x 17 x 17" boxes, and very compressed fiber will work best though similar dimensions will also work well. Use the Calculator to see.

      We do not want you to take your fiber to alpaca shows. You'll just ship it from your location using our provided label(s) to one of our partner mills. Which mill depends on what we're working on at any given time. 

    8. Get Paid!: After your fiber has been received and reviewed you will receive an email notification of the number of pounds of usable fiber attained from your shipment, as determined by the sorters.
      For the best $return, PLEASE do not send unusable fiber (tiny 2nd cuts, grass, twigs, rocks, POO, etc.), it hurts the process, frustrates the sorters, threatens the future viability of the entire program and is a waste of your $ since shipping costs are subtracted from your final payment. 

      For each pound of usable fiber that you send, within 8 weeks typically you will receive payment in the form of a store credits ("PacaBucks") which can be used for shopping for anything on our wholesale store,

      The current store credit rate is:**
      $6/lb - Prime (aka "1sts" or the "blanket")
      $4/lb - 2nds and 3rds 

      NEAFP Fiber 1sts, 2nds, 3rds for FiberCall
      Image Credit: New England Fiber Pool

      Note, this is of usable fiber as determined by the sorters who received the fiber. We do not offer cash payments. Paying for fiber in store wholesale product credit ("PacaBucks") helps us to be able to afford this process, and supports American Farms and Small Businesses who promote American alpaca. 

Stay tuned to our newsletter for any info on the FiberCall program. 

If you're ready to start, follow the steps above. Let's work together to promote alpaca!

In Summary:

  1. Make sure you have an account with us. No purchase necessary.
  2. Put filled out FiberCall sheet in each box to be sent.
  3. Email us the dimensions and weight of each box.
  4. We send you shipping labels. You print, put on boxes, ship free.
  5. Fiber gets checked in, we get notified, you get issued wholesale store credit ("PacaBucks").


Want to learn more?  See this alpaca folk group meeting discussing the FiberCall and how it can help your alpaca lifestyle. 

Any questions?  Please take another look at the above.
We're pretty sure everything is covered. If it still doesn't answer the question(s) feel free to email

-Brian and the Choice Alpaca Products Team