Choice Alpaca Products Launches American Choice Alpaca Line October 06 2017

Choice Alpaca Products Launches American Choice Alpaca Line

Alpaca products made in the USA.
All make great "ambassadors" of uses of alpaca!
With the hard passionate work of American Alpaca Farmers we're inspired to develop and promote American Alpaca Products!  The list of wonderful American grown and made products continues to grow! 
New products under development which use American alpaca fiber include:
  • Quilted Alpaca Camping/Car/Couch throws

  • Quilted Alpaca Vests and Jackets


  • Long johns and thermal cold weather base layers

    alpaca thermal base layer long johns

And more! We're inspired to continue to create beautiful and functional alpaca based cold weather products!

Choice's "American Choice Alpaca" BRAND showcases alpaca items made in America, often using YOUR fiber collected as part of our alpaca fiber purchase program, the FiberCall
The FiberCall uses YOUR alpaca fiber, pooled with others to develop USA alpaca fiber products for your store. 
choice alpaca fiber buys fiber
Be a part of this growing and energetic industry!  We look forward to working with you to promote alpaca!

-Brian and staff of Choice Alpaca Products