Prepare Now for Your Busy Season! July 28 2017

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Prepare Now for 
Your Busy Season!

New Products and Ideas for Your Success!

New Brand:

"American Choice Alpaca"
American Choice Alpaca
Attending and presenting at the National Alpaca Fiber Conference in Sacramento, we're more inspired than ever by all the folk working hard to develop and promote American Alpaca Products!  
Choice's "American Choice Alpaca" BRAND showcases alpaca items made in America, often using YOUR fiber collected as part of our alpaca fiber purchase program, the FiberCall
choice alpaca fiber buys fiber
Bought Out AFCNA
Recent additions to the American Choice Alpaca line include:
We bought out much of the inventory of AFCNA (Alpaca Fiber Coop of N. America) including all the Hiker, Qtr Hiker and Dress socks:
AFCNA alpaca socks
"Why didn't you buy the Extreme socks when AFCNA closed?"

A number of people have asked us that lately.
Simple reason, we could have but the 
Superwarm and OutdoorAdventure socks are BETTER!
About 12 years ago we designed the

Superwarm Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks 
to be the thickest and warmest yet extremely comfortable and durable alpaca socks available.  
Known as a "Superheavyweight", they are our TOP selling product and have done very very well for thousands of wholesale and retail customers.  
From the Antarctic to the Arctic these USA made socks have excelled in in extreme cold all over the world! (retail customer testimonials)
Currently in limited supply as we continue to make more.
Available in all sizes. 
OutdoorAdventure Socks
The 'little brother' to the Superwarm is the OutdoorAdventure sock.
Made from the same yarn, the OutdoorAdventure (and ankle high SlipperBootie) are a standard Heavyweight sock, though still thicker than others in their category. The OutdoorAdventure is now a very close 2nd in popularity to the Superwarm.
Just let your customers feel them and the socks are sold!
Both socks are warm, machine washable, durable, wicking and very comfortable.  These Choice socks are top selling items!
These socks do VERY well in stores with many repeat customers! 
AFCNA Dryer Balls HERE
Also purchased was the remaining inventory of popular AFCNA alpaca dryer balls/raw fiber. A big hit, these simple items save money, time and are good for the environment. 

Now available with new packaging!
hand made alpaca dryer balls
Sold in sets of 3 balls in decorative bag or SAVE by purchasing BULK unpackaged sets of 100!
...and lastly, a new sock line, the American Traveller, is designed from purchased AFCNA fiber and is currently in production. Stay Tuned. 
Alpaca Blanket Project Blankets and Scarves
Also in the American Choice Alpaca collection are the remaining 100% Alpaca Blankets and Scarves from the Alpaca Blanket Project. We love these items and bought out the entire line!
alpaca blanket project  
Once these blankets are gone they're gone forever! Get a piece of Alpaca Americana with these wonderful USA grown and manufactured Alpaca Blankets and Scarves!
BTW, we are actively persuing new manufacturers in hoped of continuing  the tradition of quality USA made alpaca blankets. Your help is welcome! If you know of mills interested in a new blanket project be sure to let us know.
Even more USA made items are in the works, available soon. With your continued support we plan to continue making many fine USA alpaca products through the FiberCall program.
Get ready NOW for a busy fall season!
Get ready for National Alpaca Farm Days now!
 New Alpaca Items for Your Store
Alpacadorables! Adorable hand made baby alpaca ornaments. Now also in Grey!
AlpacaTrax Gripper Slipper Socks
S, M, L, XL - Black, Grey, Cocoa
Surprisingly crazy-popular Alpaca Fuzzball Keychains

** New ** Quality Affordable Alpaca Teddy Bears
Many other items online
All designed for your farm store success!
Are you looking to ramp things up this year?
It's easy. We're here to help.
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