Choice Alpaca Products Offers Financing for Large Orders July 13 2015

Financing? Many stores are already doing it. 

  We want to grow with you!

Multiple retailers have asked about a financing program that would allow a large purchase ($750+) to be spread over time. 

This program is only available to existing customers making at least 1 prior purchase (aka, "credit established"). 

The "financing" is simple: 6 even automated monthly charges against a credit card on file.

There is a small $30 fee to setup the financing arrangement, but this is more than offset by free shipping that comes with orders of $750 or more! 

Just click the "Custom Payment Method After Order Placed" option online with your online order. We'll follow up afterwards to get your setup and start with your first automatic installment. 

 Contact Brian with any questions. 

* "Go Large" with your next order!

* Get free shipping ($750+ orders)!

* Easy returns if your products do not sell until April of NEXT year!

* Be listed on our SEO marketed retailers map!

Preferred Retailers Map