Choice Alpaca Products Provides Dropshipping February 10 2022

ChoiceAlpacaProducts provides dropshipping for your store. 

Have a customer who needs an item not in stock in your store?

We'll ship it to them for you!

No prices shown. The customer will automatically receive a Packing List only. 

Retail customers cannot buy from directly. Only established stores who resell to the public qualify.

Here's an example of the workflow:

choice alpaca products dropshipping

The process is simple:

  • Place an order under your wholesale account on
  • Change the shipping name and address to your customer's info

Note that small packages will show an larger % postage and handling fee, as this represents the handling fee for small orders. Choice's current Free Shipping option would only occur if the dropship order met the Free Shipping minimum.

ChoiceAlpacaProducts will process the order just like your regular orders, but the item(s) will ship directly to your customer!  You'll get a email receipt and tracking number email like you do with regular wholesale orders. 

Key Qualification: This service is only open to existing customers who also purchase for their store. It is not offered to retailers who only wish to purchase dropship items.

Any questions? Send us an email: