Why use Alpaca Dryer Balls? August 16 2018

Since I had to wash a bunch of towels, I decided to test our Alpaca DryerBalls.

We already knew they do a great job as a natural non-chemical fabric softener, and have used drops of essential oils on them to add nice scents to laundry, but we wanted to test the effect on laundry dryer times.

We've been using the same 3 alpaca dryer balls for about 6 years and I love them. But I wanted to know how much energy they might be actually saving me.

Here is how I tested them and my results. 

Using LG Sensor Dryer.

I washed 5 towels 3 hand towels and 3 wash cloths - exact same towels in each load.

Both loads were washed on hot with the spin cycle between medium and extra high

Both loads were dried with dry flow sense - very dry setting on medium temperature

Before each load was dried I ran a different load in the dryer and cleaned the dryer lint trap. So the temperature would be the same starting temp.

I used the same amount of laundry detergent in both loads and did not use laundry softener in either load

  • The first load with NO dryer balls took 58 minutes
  • The second load with 3 dryer balls took 42.5 minutes.

That's 15.5 minutes less drying time in the load using 3 alpaca dryer balls

Using 3 dryer balls cuts down on drying time by 25%.

If you have any question about this or any of our other products. Let me know.

- Paula

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