Why use Alpaca Dryer Balls? August 16 2018

Since I had to wash a bunch of towels, I decided to test our Alpaca Dryer balls.

We've been using the same 3 alpaca dryer balls for about 6 years and I love them. But I decided to find out for myself how much energy they were actually saving me.

Here is how I tested them and my amazing results.
Using LG Sensor Dryer.

I washed 5 towels 3 hand towels and 3 wash cloths - exact same towels in each load.

Both loads were washed on hot with the spin cycle between medium and extra high

Both loads were dried with dry flow sense - very dry setting on medium temperature

Before each load was dried I ran a different load in the dryer and cleaned the dryer lint trap. So the temperature would be the same starting temp.

I used the same amount of laundry detergent in both loads and did not use laundry softener in either load

  • The first load with NO dryer balls took 58 minutes
  • The second load with 3 dryer balls took 42.5 minutes.

That's 15.5 minutes less drying time in the load using 3 alpaca dryer balls

Using 3 dryer balls cuts down on drying time by 25%.

If you have any question about this or any of our other products. Let me know.

- Paula