Wholesale Alpaca Products, are they for you? Alpaca Socks and Gifts for your store. July 06 2015


Many potential alpaca product retailers contact us about our wholesale alpaca products for their stores. This is what we typically send in reply...


Thank you for your note and interest in our products! 

Please visit http://www.ChoiceAlpacaProducts.com for our collection of alpaca farm oriented products. You can use the Create Account link to setup an account, then you will be able to see wholesale prices and order. There is a one-time requirement of a Reseller's Certificate to open a wholesale account, but its easy to do. We'll help.

The socks are our best sellers and the PacaBuddies are a close 2nd, yet all of the products were created to work for farm stores and businesses. Most of our wholesale customers are ordering again and again as they find our products sell very well. For the wholesale pricing there are minimums per product type as shown on the listings.

Though this may be too soon when you're considering a 1st order, we have a unique offering... we encourage our partners to "go large" with orders as they often sell out. We give free shipping for orders of $750+ AND accept returns until next April if on the outside chance that our products don't sell for you. At the $500 order level (one time only to qualify) we’ll add you to our highly marketed Preferred Retailers Map: http://choicealpacaproducts.com/pages/alpaca-retailer-locator The map could be a new source of farm visits for you as it has been for others. We continue to market this particular page heavily. We’ve been heavily marketing The Map on Social Media including a nationwide campaign that our retail store is now doing, all to promote alpaca and the businesses that ARE alpaca!

We’re also promoting the map on search engines with “organic” and PPC (pay-per-click) marketing. Search “alpaca retailer” on Google and you’ll see our member farms are listed right at the top of both search engines. We’re very active in promoting alpaca and come up with new ways to help you regularly. We succeed when you succeed!

Learn more about us on social channels:
BLOG - http://choicealpacaproducts.com/blogs/news
FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/choice.alpacaproducts
TWITTER - https://twitter.com/choicealpaca

Please be sure to let me know if I can help further. We look forward to working with you to promote alpaca!


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