Wholesale Alpaca Products for Your Store June 12 2017

** Just Sailed In! **
Finally arriving...
Top Selling PacaBuddies Plush Toys!
Cute plush toys make an adorable alpaca
farm visit souvenir!
Old favorites plus new models now in stock!
alpaca plush toy new pacabuddies
Also new and in Stock!
NEW USA Grown Alpaca Knit-Lined 
Cowhide Work / Driving Gloves 
In Black and New Chocolate Brown
Just added. Another new collection!

alpaca teddy bears
Alpaca Fur Teddy Bears
Huacaya, Suri, 6", 9", 12" & Keychain
Quality hand made bears at wholesale.
Also Fuzzball Keychains / Pom-Poms
A Cute Alpaca Keepsake
AFCNA Dryer Balls
As part of the new 
"American Choice Alpaca" line,
we are pleased to continue the
Alpaca Fiber Co-op of Northa America (AFCNA)
tradition of American Made Alpaca Products
by offering these Alpaca Dryer Balls.
Choice Alpaca purchased all the remaining AFCNA
fiber and contracted with the same maker to make this super-popular and practical alpaca item.  

NOW Available at BULK Discount.
Also available, AFCNA Hiker, Qtr Hiker and Dress socks at closeout prices!
And discounted final blankets and throws from the 
Alpaca Blanket Project!
Join Us in Sacramento!
July 14-17, 2017 
Brian will be presenting a 2-part seminar,


to discuss how alpaca fiber and products can
and should be a profitable portion of your farm business. 
See you there!

We love making new Alpaca products!
What would you like? 
email: product_ideas@choicealpacaproducts.com 
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