The New 100% Alpaca American Traveler Alpaca Sock for Your Store February 01 2023

 New 100% Alpaca American Traveler Alpaca Sock for Your Store.
Made in the USA.

Burrrr - Winter has arrived at Choice Alpaca Products December 03 2018

OMG I woke up this morning and my phone said it was 36 degrees!  YIKES!

Thankfully I am wearing alpaca!  Lots and LOTS of Alpaca!  Good thing I know where to get amazing alpaca products

Why use Alpaca Dryer Balls? August 16 2018

Alpaca dryer balls soften laundry and quicken dryer time. Alpaca dryer balls.

Alpaca Leggings - Why I love them! July 26 2018

Have you started shopping for products for your store this fall? I thought I'd start sharing some of my favorite products, why I love them and why you need to carry them in your store. Alpaca Leggings! I love, Love, LOVE my alpaca leggings. Something most of you don't know about me. I grew up in Pacific Beach. A little community in San Diego about 6 blocks from the beach....

Choice Alpaca Products Offers Financing for Large Orders July 13 2015

Financing? Many stores are already doing it.    We want to grow with you! Multiple retailers have asked about a financing program that would allow a large purchase ($750+) to be spread over time.  This program is only available to existing customers making at least 1 prior purchase (aka, "credit established").  The "financing" is simple: 6 even automated monthly charges against a credit card on file. There is a small $30 fee...