Why use Alpaca Dryer Balls? August 16 2018

Alpaca dryer balls soften laundry and quicken dryer time. Alpaca dryer balls.

Outdoorsman Sportsman Alpaca Clothing August 16 2018

Alpaca for outdoors sport activities. Sportsman, sportswomen, Fishing,Hunting,

Warm comfortable wicking alpaca!

    Alpaca Quilted Vest Big Hit at Alpaca Nationals April 04 2018

    American Alpaca Fiber in USA Made VPac Alpaca Quilted Vest.

    The New American Traveler Alpaca Sock for Your Store November 27 2017

      American Traveler Socks   Wholesale Alpaca Products for Your Store - Since 2006 Just arrived... Nearly a year in the making... We're delighted to offer the NEW 80% Alpaca Hiking/Walking Sock The American Traveler     Our exclusive design, this new creation features: - Higher over-the-calf boot length fit - Terry loop interior for added insulative warmth and comfort - Tight ribbing for strong yet comfortable fit - Gentle...

    Prepare Now for Your Busy Season! July 28 2017

    Wholesale Alpaca Since 2006   Prepare Now for Your Busy Season! New Products and Ideas for Your Success!     New Brand:"American Choice Alpaca"     Attending and presenting at the National Alpaca Fiber Conference in Sacramento, we're more inspired than ever by all the folk working hard to develop and promote American Alpaca Products!     Choice's "American Choice Alpaca" BRAND showcases alpaca items made in America, often using YOUR fiber collected as...

    Looking for a replacement for the Co-ops Extreme sock? May 30 2017

    Looking for a replacement for the Co-ops Extreme sock?  We have GREAT options for you!!  The Superwarm Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks and  OutdoorAdventure Alpaca Socks have been selling well for farm stores since 2006.   We are proud to offer these popular Superwarm Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks from Choice Alpaca Products.    Made from alpaca wool, these extremely warm thermal alpaca socks are surprisingly soft and comfortable. The socks are...