4.5" Standing Fur Alpaca Toy

Have you herd? 

These hand crafted little Stuffed Alpaca Fur Toys are cute as...well, an Alpaca! Great little gifts or for those visiting your store!

Referred to as "Whoa Paca Chickens" by a 2 year old friend of ours, these guys add a little softness to any area. The cute little guys come in traditional colorful Peruvian decorative styles. If you buy multiple ones we'll try to get as much variety as possible. 

Have wire legs which can be moved if desired.

Size: approx 4.5" tall, 4" long and 3" wide.

Available in white with random/assorted colors of Pom-Pom and ear decorations.

Precisely hand made by talented Fair Trade artisans in Peru.

Suggested Retail: $17.95 

Wholesale price listed is for one toy.

For children 3 and up.

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