Liuli Crystal Alpaca Figurine

Liuli Crystal Alpaca Figurines are small works of alpaca art 

Beautiful quality alpaca figurines made of Liuli ("Lew Lee") crystal glass to adorn your home, office or wherever alpaca beauty is needed. 

Makes a great gift for family, friends, visitors or just for you!


Typical Liuli Crystal items can cost $100, $200 or more! We are purchasing these in bulk directly from the factory and offering them at a much lower price!

$SAVE when you buy 6 of a color (see selection options below).

Suggested Retail: $16.95

It took the better part of a year to have these figures designed and created only for us to offer to our alpaca loving customers. 

What is Liulu Crystal?

Liuli, an unique art form of colored glaze crystal glass which has long been considered a keepsake of good luck and good fortune. The translucency and refractive quality of the glass is excellent. Liulu crystal glass is heavier yet softer and in prime condition for crafting into fine works of art. Liuli is well-known for it's high quality comparable to other crystal glass products and is superior in quality to ordinary glass products.

Measures: 5.2cm tall x 4cm long, 1.2 oz

$AVE when you buy 6 of a color.

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Our inventory currently shows the following quantities in stock for this product:

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  • Blue - Box of 6 : 0
  • Brown - Box of 6 : 5
  • Frosted Brown - Box of 6 : 9
  • Grey - Box of 6 : 0

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