6" Standing Alpaca Fur Toy

Stuffed Alpaca Fur Toys are cute as... well, an Alpaca! 

This group is very well constructed!  Well made body with movable/adjustable legs and all around cute!

Best of all they feel delightful to the touch!  

Handmade by talented Peruvian artisans following a long tradition. Each of these adorable standing alpacas are unique. No two look exactly alike. 

Comes in natural fur colors. 

Size: approx 6" tall.

Made in Peru.

Suggested Retail: $27.95

Why you might want to consider this: Alpaca Beauty Brush

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Our inventory currently shows the following quantities in stock for this product:

  • White : 205
  • Fawn : 87
  • Brown : 4
  • Mixed : 0
  • Grey : 0
  • Blue : 0
  • Pink : 0
  • Purple : 0

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