Alpaca Fur Tribble Star Trek

Alpacas in Space?!

kirk with tribbles

Tribbles give love. And so do alpacas. Together these amazingly soft and lovable "Alpaca Tribbles" will keep you calm, happy and fill you with alpaca Tribble love day and night.

Designed to look like the famous "Tribble" from Star Trek, these tribbles will have you purring with their amazing alpaca softness. 

What's a Tribble?

Tribbles are fictional adorable creatures featured in Star TrekThey are small, furry, soft, gentle, attractive and (on Star Trek) produce a soothing purring or cooing sound when stroked, all of which are endearing traits to humans. 

Tribbles reproduce incredibly fast, and consume exponentially larger and larger amounts of food as they multiply. The expression "multiplying like tribbles" has also become commonplace in the context of science fiction or technology. So maybe you need just one...but we recommend two or more. :) 

Tribbles defined in greater detail on Wikipedia

Measures: about 6-9" long.
Materials: Made from 100% alpaca fur.
Feed: [uncontaminated] Quadrotriticale

Adorably cute, hand made by talented artisans in Peru.

In natural assorted mixed colors. Let us know in the checkout comments if you desire a particular dominant color. We'll pick the closest available. Otherwise please let us pick a special one for you. 

For children 3 and up.

Suggested Retail: $17.95

Price shown is for One Tribble. But if you feed it, watch out!

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