Alpaca Beauty Brush

Your soft alpaca fur item looks best after a nice hair brushing. 

Alpaca fur items like teddy bears, fur toys and even fuzzball keychains are typically shipped together, tightly packed in a box. Although alpacas like to travel close together, stuffed fur alpaca toys can sometimes get a flattened smushed look, basically a bad hair day.  

alpaca bad hair day

If this happens, this little Alpaca Fur Brush is the easy solution!  Just a few quick brushes from your styling hand and your little alpaca item will look bright, full and beautifully fluffy.

pre brushed    post brushed

This brush also works wonders on your cat, dog or other small fur-bearing pet!

A great idea to have one handy for your store to keep all your items groomed for their best presentation! 

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