Alpaca Bed Blanket

Wonderfully warm and beautiful brushed alpaca bed blankets. A simple, functional item, put this blanket between the top sheet and comforter and enjoy a great increase in warmth! 

Makes a great soft couch cuddle blanket! Tested and proven :) 

If your loved one is a blanket hog consider getting two! They will work and feel wonderful for both of you.

A perfect gift item for weddings and other gift giving occasions.

So functional, we've even used one as a durable, functional and warm camping blanket for years! 

Measures: varies slightly in production. Typically 65-68" x 95-98". Can fit on beds up to Queen sized mattresses (60 x 80"). 1.9 lbs

Materials: 80% alpaca, 20% acrylic

Care: Gentle machine or hand wash and rinse cold, using light detergent. Line/air dry. Drying in dryer for 5-10 minutes will add to fluff. If ironing desired, iron on low.  

Colors: in stacked blanket photo from Top to Bottom are:

  • Ecru
  • Dark(Chocolate)Brown
  • Ivory
  • Tan
  • White
  • MedGrey
  • SilverGrey
  • MidnightBlue

Clicking a color name in the color selection will show the matching image in detail. 

    In 2013 we traveled to Ecuador seeking all things alpaca. These blankets are one of our top finds. They are made by a tiny factory by a family outside of the indigenous town of Otovalo in Ecuador. Otovalo is known for its fiber artists and long proud fabric history.

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    Our inventory currently shows the following quantities in stock for this product:

    • Teal : 2
    • Burnt Brown : 0
    • DarkGrey : 12
    • Dark Violet : 25
    • Ecru : 13
    • Ivory : 27
    • MedGrey : 2
    • MidnightBlue : 0
    • Navy : 0
    • Pink : 1
    • Royal Blue : 9
    • SilverGrey : 14
    • Soft Violet : 0
    • Tan : 1

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