PacaPoppit - Alpaca Bubble Popper Fidget Toy

The best fidgeting is with an alpaca!

Push Pops Bubble Sensory Alpaca Poppet For Kids (and adults too!). 

Press the bubbles down as they make a "pop" sound, when finished flip the alpaca poppet over and start again (one side pops quietly).

Alpaca poppit is a sensory toy for children. A good gift for kids but also people with autism, the eldery and adults who take a moment to relieve a little stress.

Can be played as a game.  Each user can pop 1 or more adjoining poppit circles in the same row. Taking turns, the player with a remaining poppit loses. 

Durable and washable with soap and water.


MaterialMade of high quality grade silicon. Safe and tasteless, soft to the touch.

Age: 3+

Size: 16X18X2 cm
Weight: 0.080 kg

Suggested Retail: $9.95

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