AlpacaSack 100% Alpaca Filled Compressible Sleeping Bag


AlpacaSack - 100% Alpaca Filled Compressible Alpaca Sleeping Bag

Alpaca fiber is an excellent natural insulator due to its smooth hollow structure. It's also naturally light weight and very compressible. This compressible alpaca sleeping bag bounces back to normal size when taken out of the stuff sack, allowing this bag to be stored in much smaller space or even a hiking backpack! 

Special features of this bag include:

  • Warm! EN Comfort Rated to 32F/0C
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Highly compressible
  • Comfortable in wide range of temperatures
  • Side and bottom zippers if you get too warm!
  • You can open the feet and use this bag to sit at the campfire
  • Bag can be completely unzipped to use as a blanket
  • Ripstop strong while soft outer shell
  • Comfortable inner lining
  • Full length both end zipper
  • Left (most common for Right handed) and Right zipper option (for Left handed folk).
  • You can Zip a Left and Right together!
  • Hood with pull cord to hug your head. Get completely cocooned!
  • Internal windproof wall to keep cold air out.
  • Smart quilting stitching to hold internal fiber sheets 
  • Easy washing and quick air drying
  • Uses natural insulating alpaca!

"I can’t praise the sleeping bag enough for how lightweight and warm it is. With the storm, I have used it as a throw for my dog, Ashley, and me. It is very warm and fortunately we did not lose power. However, everyone should have these alpaca sleeping bags available, especially in inclement weather! They should be advertised that way! -Brenda"

Other sleeping bags in this class can sell for $500 or more! Although made with 100% alpaca fiber, since we designed this item and have it made directly, this high tech bag is less expensive than many comparable bags currently on the market. 

camping in the cold with alpaca

Measures:  Large sized to fit most adults,
79" x 40" wide, 16" hood  (200cm x 101cm, 40 CM hood)
Weight: 5 lbs

Materials: Filled with 100% Alpaca fiber. Outer ripstop 210T Nylon. Comfortable Pongee fabric layer inside.

Care:  Another great feature of this alpaca filled sleeping bag is ease of cleaning! It can be gently washed in a washing machine. We do NOT recommend using an agitator style washing machine though to avoid excessive twisting, We wash our sleeping bag on "hand wash/no agitation" mode and air dry it over a shower curtain rod. Alpaca dries quickly. It can also be dried gently in a dryer without issue. 

Suggested Retail: $199.95

American designed, made with 100% alpaca fiber. Imported.

Discounted OOPS - out of 1000s of bags made occasionally there is a small flaw. Examples are cosmetic only as the bags are still 100% functional and look great. It could be a minor stitching miss or the outer stuff sack (not the sleeping bag itself) has a tear.  Our "Discounted OOPS" bags are deeply discounted so you get a great functional bag at an even better price! 

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Our inventory currently shows the following quantities in stock for this product:

  • Left Zipper : 245
  • Right Zipper : 106
  • Left Zipper Oops : 0
  • Right Zipper OOPS : 0

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