Alpacadorable Hand Made Baby Alpaca Ornaments

They're alpacas, they're adorable, they're Alpacadorables!

These diminutive decorative adorable Hand Made Baby Alpaca Ornaments are cute as can be! Excellent hand made quality ornament figurines from true artisans. Made from 100% Baby Alpaca! 

A Really Big Hit from the moment we first offered them, buying them all year, we should hopefully keep them in good stock from now on. 

alpacadorables baby alpaca figurines  

 Alpacally Ever After Bride and Groom Alpacadorables.

Brings charm and delight to any room.

An artistic process done entirely by hand. Alpaca fiber is detailed to perfection for these cute and lovable alpaca figurines.

The 3 inch alpacadorables are finished with a loop (easily removed if you wish) for hanging on your tree! 

Nothing says Love more than Alpacas!

Yes! Alpacas in a wedding is a trending thing!

alpacas in wedding

These Alpacadorable figures are available in Bride and Groom sets! Share your love of alpacas and each other with these limited edition Alpacally Ever After Bride and Groom Alpacadorable pairs (sold only as pairs, also pick color option "White Brown" to pick these specifically). 

PLEASE NOTE: The Bride & Groom sets are sold out until Feb 28, 2019.
You can pre-order for delivery of your ENTIRE order (all items) when they arrive. 

Measures: 3" high or 5" high

Suggested Retail: 3" $17.95; 5" $24.95; 5" Bride & Groom Set $49.95

OPTIONAL/ADDITIONAL: Put a cute hat ("Chullo") on your Alpacadorable! 

 alpacadorable with chullo 3" alpacadorable with chullo

The chullos are made entirely by hand. Select the 3" or 5" Chullo option in addition to the Alpacadorable for the number wanted. The colors are random and change with each new shipment we receive.  We'll pick one that looks good on your Alpacadorable. If you ask for a special base color (in the Checkout Comments box) we'll try to find the closest match. Pick the 3" or 5" Chullos for 3" or 5" Alpacadorables.

Created under Fair Trade principals by a small family of artisans in Peru.

See all, including Suri Alpacadorables!

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Our inventory currently shows the following quantities in stock for this product:

  • 3 inch / Brown : 331
  • 3 inch / Fawn : 280
  • 3 inch / Grey : 387
  • 3 inch / White : 243
  • 3 inch / Black : 191
  • 5 inch / Brown : 26
  • 5 inch / Fawn : 11
  • 5 inch / Grey : 28
  • 5 inch / White : 18
  • 5 inch / Black : 155
  • 5 inch Bride and Groom / White Brown : 46
  • 5" [Optional] Chullo / Varies : 158
  • 3" [Optional] Chullo / Varies : 248

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