Shearing Day Alpacadorable Alpaca Ornament

Ahhhh, Shearing Day

The happiest day of the year for an alpaca, AFTER its done! 

This ALPACADORABLE celebrates the happy alpaca AFTER the haircut (annual shearing) is over. Often alpacas are sweltering by the time their annual shearing comes around. Afterwards, many are exuberant and enthusiastic that playful prancing (pronking) can be observed. It's such an expression of delight and amusement that humans will often pause just to witness it!

Known by some as a BubbleHead cut, this Alpacadorable is just too fun to look at! 

These decorative adorable Hand Made Alpaca Ornaments are cute as can be! Excellent hand made quality ornament figurines from true artisans. Made from 100% Baby Alpaca

Brings charm, joy and humor to your life with a just shorn Alpacadorable. 

An artistic process done entirely by hand. Alpaca fiber is detailed to perfection for these cute and lovable alpaca figurines.

Measures: 6" high

Weight: 1 oz

Suggested Retail: $29.95

Created under Fair Trade principals by a small family of artisans in Peru.

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