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Since our start in 2006 our wholesale alpaca products have been designed to sell well for small alpaca farm stores, boutiques and "mom-n-pop" stores looking for unique useful items for their customers. We strive to find or create ourselves new products that sell well and work well for your store. 

As the alpaca industry evolves, we encourage you to share your ideas with us on new products you think express the dynamic, functional and of course fashionable benefits of alpaca. 

Just a few of the testimonials we're very proud of...

  •  We love the Superwarm alpaca socks! - Pam & Gary, Langley, WA
  • The Superwarm Alpaca Socks are the very best I have ever tried on. They are so comfortable with shoes on or off. If I had the talent I would of typed this e-mail with my TOES!! - Tim S., Vancouver, WA
  • I just wanted to tell you, I survived minus 35 degrees F (-35F) at the National Ice Core Lab! I wore your Superwarm Alpaca socks and had some chemical toe-warmers in reserve, but didn't have to deploy them! I was so delighted. -Lisa, Exploratorium Antarctic Project

    antarctica alpaca
  • Just wanted to let you know that my box arrived this morning, I think the Choice socks are wonderful AND the first pair sold within minutes! I'm sure I'll be ordering lots. Thanks,-Jen

  • I am pleased with the Superwarm alpaca socks in my Birkenstock Milano sandals during cold morning walks. -Bob B., Silver City, NM

  • Hello, I have just received my shipment of the Superwarm extreme alpaca socks and am very impressed. They are indeed the heaviest alpaca sock I have seen. -Rob W., Nova Scotia, Canada

  • First, let me tell you that I'm wearing my new alpaca socks... and I haven't taken them off since I received them yesterda! These socks are AMAZING! It's like wearing socks, but not wearing socks. My feet are warm, but not sweaty. And the fibers are oh-so-soft!  -Jessica B., Greensboro, NC

  • Superwarm Heavy Extreme Alpaca Socks - I can only say these socks made my husband's Christmas! He is so happy with them and keeps raving about how warm his feet finally are. They are soooo soft and the terry lining is great. I had ordered two pair but he's already asking for more. Thanks for a wonderful product! -Susan C., WYALUSING, PA

  • I’m a hunter and have never come back warm like I did today after wearing the Superwarm socks! -Jeremy M., Erie, PA 

  • The more I look at these sock ( superwarm ) the more I am leaning toward gifting to my family for Christmas. I just wanted to let you know that I also wear my bootie slipper ALL the time. I am really happy with the socks I have ordered from you guys! -Julie R., New Holstein, WI

  • Thank you Brian! I appreciate the service from Choice Alpaca Products! -Susan C., Boulder, CO

  • You sent me OutdoorAdventure socks to try out and I LOVE them! I have been wearing them in my work boots in 102 degree heat and haven't over heated and my feet stay dry!!! -Roger H., Denuba, CA

  • My order arrived today, and those PacaBuddies are the cutest things ever! Thanks for your prompt response. -Claudia H., Baldwin City, KS

  • I just can’t tell you enough how pleased I am with your product line and the quality of your socks specifically. -Lisa D., Fredericksburg, VA

  •  Thank you so much for your great attitude and helpfulness. -Marilyn W., Athens, OH 

  •  The socks came today and are awesome and just as represented.  So happy!  Looking forward to working with you. -Dana W, Lyndeborough, NH

  • Thanks so much for your quick reply. BTW, everyone here in NC loves your socks. I get a great deal of feedback about how great they are.  I love them too...thanks for your wonderful service. -Patricia H., Oxford, NC

  • Thank you Brian, you are a joy to deal with and we will continue to do so,  Merry Christmas to you and your family and a very healthy happy new year! -Penny M, Watertown, CT

  • Hi Brian! Our sock order arrived today and I am VERY pleased. Just wanted to say thanks for getting the order out in time for our event next week. Thanks again and I look forward to working with you all. -Jori S., Livingston, TN

  • Super!  Thank you so much.....You are awesome and so kind.  And the socks are great too. LOL! -Tamara C., Dennison,IA

  • Hi Brian, Just to let you know that the Outdoor Adventure Socks order arrived today.  Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my recent inquiry regarding that.  Also, thank you for enclosing the alpaca/cria pin gift - a very beautiful design! -Louise H., Santa Fe, NM

  • Just got the gloves in the mail today.  Wow, they are great! -Connie M., Lynn, KS

  • Brian, Richard G. of Newark, IL called to tell you his order is GONE he had a great sale.  Sold $842 in one day.He's going to place another order tonight.  He has a show this weekend, but he knows you can't get him any socks for that so he will take orders. Last year he sold 248 pairs of socks and this year he will sell way more. Everyone is panicking already about how cold this winter will be. 

    He told me stories about the OutdoorAdventure socks.

    One woman said her son had to go to the barn to help the vet and was out in the freezing cold for 2 1/2 hours. When he got back to the house he realized he forgot to put his boots on, but his feet were so warm in his house slippers with the OA socks he didn't realize it.

    Another persons car broke down with a 60 below wind chill factor in her gym shoes and OA socks and she wasn't cold at all while she tried to fix it.

    He says he was working in his barn in 40 below and after 4 1/2 hours he went in the house had to wring out the socks because they got soaked, but his feet were still dry. 

    He said he told the customers who came back for more socks "I told you they were the best socks ever and you'd be back!"

    He only wishes his nose could be as warm as his feet this winter.  -Paula (at Choice Alpaca)

  • First, let me tell you that I'm wearing my new alpaca socks... and I haven't taken them off since I received them yesterday! I bought two pair for my father-in-law for Christmas (and almost didn't give them to him...) Then I snagged a pair each (on-sale, no less) for me and husband. These socks are AMAZING. It's like wearing socks, but not wearing shoes. My feet are warm, but not sweaty. And the fibers are oh-so-soft! Temps dipped to 5° last night (are rarity for us here in the mid-Atlantic) and I'm so glad I had my alpaca socks to sleep in. - Jessica B., Greensboro, NC

  • Thank You.   These socks help a granny keep her feet warm in winter like NO other socks!  Thanks so much. -Judy F., Saint Marys, OH

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