More About the Choice Alpaca Products Socks

More About the Choice Alpaca Products Socks:

We have been selling alpaca products since 2002 and learned that a super warm, soft, strong, comfortable and MACHINE WASHABLE alpaca sock has been the most frequent customer requested item. Our socks are a blend of excellent quality Alpaca and Microfiber (50%/50% blend) to offer the best of warmth, durability, wash-ability and comfort.

What is Microfiber: It is a new fiber used in sport clothing. Microfiber fabric is often used for athletic wear, such as cycling jerseys, because the microfiber material wicks moisture (sweat) away from the body, keeping the wearer cool and dry. Microfiber is also very elastic, making it suitable for undergarments. Microfiber has proven to blend very well with and compliment alpaca in socks. It allows for warmth while still offering durability, WASHABILITY and comfort. It goes perfectly with alpaca!

After milling the final mix of the socks is 44% Alpaca, 44% Microfiber, 10% Nylon, 2% Lycra.

These Alpaca Socks are made in the USA by a 100 year old hosiery company in Pennsylvania. Also on our website along with our Superwarm socks you will see our two new lines of socks. The OutdoorAdventure and SlipperBootie socks use the same very high quality blend alpaca yarn but are knit to provide differing characteristics which our customers have requested. 

Join the 1000s of customers who enjoy and repurchase our Choice Alpaca socks!