Order Tracking

Order tracking Order Tracking

 When you order with ChoiceAlpacaProducts.com, we automatically send an order receipt by email. Then when we ship your order we automatically send another email with tracking info. If you did not get either of these emails please check your SPAM folder as it might have been "filtered" to there.
Another way to get your tracking number is to login to your ChoiceAlpacaProducts.com account and click the My Account link to see the history of your orders, and tracking info. 
Note, we do not have any more information on the arrival of your order than what is provided with the tracking number. 
"Tracking says my package is delivered but..."
Once your order if fulfilled and leaves our warehouse it is under the control of the shipping company (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.). We do not have control of the process after this point. 
If your tracking info shows your package delivered but you don't see it, please consider these options which really do happen. In thousands of shipment we basically never lose any. Some can be late but always seem to arrive. 
Thing to check, in sorted order of what we've seen over many years:
  • The mail carrier scanned it but will deliver it tomorrow, or the next day
  • It's in a mailbox instead of at the house
  • The mail carrier accidentally gave it to a neighbor
  • It's under something on the porch
  • Someone in your household moved it
  • It's behind a bush, in the yard, driveway or at another door
  • The package was stolen from your property (exceedingly rare)
If you have waited and still cannot find it please contact your mail carrier and perhaps talk to the actual driver. We do not have control over the package once it is shipped. We only have the tracking number info which you already have.
The best situation would be to talk with the actual driver.