Reduced International Shipping

Shipping is expensive internationally! 

To encourage larger orders we offer our international (non USA) customers a discount equivalent to USA free shipping on Wholesale Choice Alpaca Orders above $750.

Currently offered to wholesale stores in
Australia, Canada, New Zealand and UK.
Other countries can be added per request.

We hope you will feel encouraged to "Go Large" with our alpaca products!  They are all designed to sell well in your store and we offer many ways to help:

choice alpaca products free shipping and financing
Don't miss out on your store sales this year... 
"Oh, I wish I had more Choice Alpaca Products available!"

When you succeed we succeed. 

We look forward to working with you to promote alpaca!



This code will work as a Discount Code on the checkout purchase page.
Only applicable for international orders.

Note that we are not informed or have any control on what other countries may or may not charge for Customs Duty, VAT, etc. Frankly, it seems often to be random but may also be based on product country of origin. 

* Discount code to reduce shipping cost. If items are later returned this voids the Free Shipping discount unless we issue a store credit.
** Financing is offered after your the 1st order with us.
*** The promoted Retailers Map is for ongoing customers who order from us each year in any amount after the qualifying initial $750 order.