Streams of Income for Alpaca Farms - Scouts

Girl Scouts
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Most Scout troops are looking for something fun and different to do! They are on quests to earn badges.

Scouts can earn all or part of a badge. Senior Girl Scouts can earn their Textile Arts badge while Cubettes can earn their Animal Helpers Badge.

Your hosted Scout group visit can include:

  • a farm tour
  • what alpacas are, unique features, behavior
  • how to work with and care for alpacas
  • practice feeding, raking, catching, etc
  • coloring page
  • making a craft with fiber
  • snack time (alpaca cookie decorating) -
  • hay/grain cookies for the alpacas!
  • learn about more farm animal jobs (dog, cat)
  • What alpaca fiber is for. Show off your store. 
  • Include an alpaca patch with the visit fee

Senior Textile Artist
Grades 9-10
Research two different textile arts; knitting/ crochet, felting, weaving, spinning

1. Chose your textile art

2. Find your tools & materials

What do you need, what's involved

How to read a pattern - crochet/knit

How to make a weaving loom

3. Learn the basics

4. Make something for everyday use

5. Create a gift or item for special occasion

Grades 6-8
Animal helpers badge
Learn about the many ways animals help people

1. Explore connection between people and animals

2. Find out how animals keep people safe

3. Know how animals help people emotionally

4. Check out how animals help people with disabilities

5. Learn how animals might help us in the future

Host group on your farm. Charge $15+ depending on items/time you offer. 

Contact your local Girl Scout group to put an notice/ad in their newsletter.

Boy Scouts

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