Adventure Required - Messner Alpaca Hat

Choice Alpaca is proud to support and be the exclusive distributor for Adventure Required, a Peruvian outreach endeavor which helps the indigenous peoples of Peru to produce attractive USA designed 100% high fashion alpaca hats themed after the worlds great explorers.

All hats are hand knit in the mountains of Peru by Quechua artisans who are paid a true living wage which provides for their families, creating opportunities for education, savings and a more secure future. 

Only the best alpaca from humanely treated animals is used to craft these hats. Each one is made from 100% baby alpaca wool. From the farms that produce the alpaca fibers to the hands that knit each hat, each person and animal is treated with the utmost respect. 


I do this for myself because I am my own fatherland, and my handkerchief is my flag. Reinhold Messner

Learn more about this special project:
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Suggested Retail: $38.00

Size: Small (small adults, older children), One Size (fits most), X-Large.  Knit design will fit a variety of sizes. Wear folded for snug or unfolded for slouch style.

Materials: 100% Baby Alpaca
Care: Hand wash in baby shampoo in luke warm water, hang to dry 

USA designed, Made in Peru.

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Our inventory currently shows the following quantities in stock for this product:

  • One Size / Blue / Messner : 1
  • One Size / Brown / Messner : 8
  • One Size / Cream / Messner : 20
  • One Size / Green / Messner : 0
  • One Size / Grey / Messner : 28
  • One Size / Navy / Messner : 0
  • One Size / Oatmeal / Messner : 57
  • One Size / Purple / Messner : 5
  • One Size / Red / Messner : 0

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