Alpaca Fuzzball Pom-Pom

Alpaca Fuzz ball ?

For a hat ?

Alpaca Pom Poms ? 

Alpaca Fur Pompoms ?

Alpaca Fluff ball ?

Alpaca POOF Ball ?!!

A number of customers have asked us to find "Pom-Poms" for projects like putting on a knit hat or making their own "Puff ball" item. So we found some :)

Use these soft fuzzy alpaca fuzzballs for anything your imagine reveals like:

  • Princess Kate Hats
  • Knitting projects
  • Crafts you imagine

We found a simple crochet free tutorial for pom-pom hats. Find it here.

We'd love to see what you are making with your pom-poms :)

Note: PomPoms come with strings sewn in for connecting to hats, keychains, etc. 

alpaca fur pom-pom

Measures: Approx 4" across 

Suggested Retail: $8.95 and up

Handmade by artisans in Peru.
Why you might want to consider this: Alpaca Beauty Brush

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Our inventory currently shows the following quantities in stock for this product:

  • Pink : 102
  • Silver Grey : 152
  • White : 156
  • Black : 170
  • Dark Brown : 45
  • Fawn : 25
  • MedBrown : 57
  • MedGrey : 173

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